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Stupid @#$%ing Dreamweaver

This isn't likely to be particularly inspired; I'm just ranting here.

I'm getting sick of PHP.

I like PHP - correction, I used to like PHP. I started using it in 2000, when I worked for the Dispatch. It all started with a fairly basic request, "The …

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Things I Learned This Week

It's been a busy week, working on a fancy/complicated Web project. Here's a smattering of things I've learned:

IE7 breaks old assumptions about float clearing

I have been using a variant of ALA's Practical CSS Forms for years. It blew up in IE7; all the …

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Some Rails "Gotchas" for PHP Devs

Rails is weird, sometimes, for someone used to PHP. Things that have consistently stumped me longer than they deserve to:

"render(:text=>some_obj)" != "exit(var_dump($some_var))"
In PHP, I tend to use the latter as a quick debug …

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Too funny!

Maybe you have to have been working with Ruby for awhile, maybe not, but I have to share:

My new blob

I am at the moment setting up my Unbuntu conputer for Rails - the Rubby language W.W.W. framewok for making W.W.W. sites. Rubby is a great conputer …

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A Practical Example: PHP vs. RoR

I had a situation come up yesterday that, I think, illustrates what I like about Ruby on Rails particularly splendidly.

The Project: Revamp of a client's Web site. The design is actually coming from another designer, I'm just implementing and handling …

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How to build a better web browser

Scott Berkun discusses building browsers:

Web browsers are funny things

Some friends and I were just discussing browsers and email clients last night (just Firefox/ThunderBird/Mozilla/Safari, really) so... I guess, I'm ready. Bring it on.

There is a reason …

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The Hacker Inferiority Complex

The Perl community seems to be angsting itself up about the state of things.

Six years ago Perl was the undisputed king of scripting languages. Python, Ruby and a cadre of others were riding its coattails. We were promised a new version that would right …

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I am, apparently, a 'Web Hermit'

New terminology, I guess:

So in this world where fortunes are made and lost by trading in nothing more substantial than data; where you can choose your friends and acquaintances not just from the people you meet at work or down the pub, but from all over …

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