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How we identify

Matt Bors points out that political cartoons are frequently described, maybe attributed to a paper, but rarely to an author.

It may seem like a small gripe, but this is routinely how cartoons are referenced in the media. You would never quote a brilliant …

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Logistical empathy

I keep encountering this… thing, this psychological reaction, lately, that I don't think has a name, so I'm going to give it one: logistical empathy. Specifically, I think most people lack it.

A couple of examples:

  • Liz was doing some work that …

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Arguing the facts of the case

I've received a number of wrong numbers lately (moving always does this), but lately, the callers have begun to argue with me about the validity of their dialage. Something like:

Them: Hi, do you have Halo?

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It's a cliche, but...

Today is Canada Day, the Canadian answer to the 4th of July in the US. (I still occasionally get friends or relatives in the states asking me if they have the 4th of July in Canada. Yes? No? Not exactly? Still not sure how to answer that one...)

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Large-scale combat in narrativist RPGs

In our local Burning Wheel game, I’ve been playing Gerd, the leader of a band of merceneries trying to defend the town from Duke Wilhelm. At GenCon, we played in Luke’s Burning Empires demo, where I was the leader of the Kerrn guerillas fighting …

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