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Beginning a few years ago, there have been a few projects – Rhino, Jaxer, more recently Narwhal – that proclaimed we were about to enter a golden era of server-side JavaScript programming. But the implementations always seemed to fall …

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As of about 15 minutes ago, the blog engine here is a brand new rewrite of what was before. The new system may not look much different on the surface, but it's all new underneath — and hopefully a lot easier to make gradual improvements, going …

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Obscure Rails bug: respond_to format.any

I found an odd bug in Rails today. Odd, in the sense that it's not so much broken, as working in a way that's different than one would expect.

In a controller, one uses respond_to to present the appropriate response, as determined by the requested mimetype …

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Ruby, modules, super and alias_method

In general, I really like the way Ruby handles class inheritance & module mix-ins. But, recently, I found an odd behavior - maybe a bug? - in Ruby 1.8.6 (the Ruby shipping with Leopard) when using alias_method and super inside an included module …

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Labor Day

I'm not sure how it found it's way to me, but I received a bulk job solicitation this morning that included this gem:

We're not looking for a typical 9-5, Mon. - Fri. rails developer who believes in entitlement. Instead, we're looking for a rails developer …

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