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One little typo away...

NPR has a fantastic story about Universal Tube and Rollform Equipment Corp, known online as More than occasionally mistaken for

Anyway, they are suing Google/YouTube for the costs associated with being a typo away from the phenomenon. My favorite part:

As the lawsuit puts it, these unwanted visitors, "often fill out Plaintiff's sales request form, seeking more information in a vulgar and belligerent manner. Exhibit 1 is a message left by one visitor who asks, 'WHERE THE F*** ARE THE VIDEOS??? 1.5 BILLION DOLLARS FOR THIS PIECE OF S*** WEBSITE? GOOGLE GOT TAKEN.'"

According to UTube manager Laura Smirin, a lot of the phone calls and e-mails were very rude. "They were just nasty," Smirin says.

Girkins has hundreds of them on his computer in his office. He sits and scrolls through them: "Idiot, idiot, idiot," he reads.

What's wrong with these people? Er, I mean, What the @#$% is wrong with these @#$%ing people?

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